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Welcome to clipsie's random page of random things, which in truth is her (fan)fic and (fan)art journal, well, for the most part. She's very pleased you've decided to stop by. Feel free to look around, and if you've found anything of which you enjoy, well, you should be a pleased person, shouldn't you? It's always nice to find things one enjoys!

Anyway, have a look around and thank you for visiting! Ah, and one last thing, if you feel like leaving a comment, please do. It's appreciated, whether the comment is good or bad.

[NOTE] Word count only shows on fics 1000 words or more.


Pompadour Not Included

Title Pompadour Not Included
Fandom J&A, Johnny’s WEST
Rating G
Pairings/Characters Kiriyama Akito, Kotaki Nozomu, Kamiyama Tomohiro
Warnings The right to bare arms
Summary At his first dig site, Kotaki learns three specific things about Akito
Notes This is so unbelievably self-indulgent. I literally thought of it while I was digging in the field today and thought to myself, "you know what, Cally deserves a fic". Also, sometimes a little bit of my own habits get represented in these fics, such as the third thing, which I was doing and then thought to myself "you know, Akito would totally do this". Also, yes, I took the "fuck it, I'm half asleep" method when posting (though I wrote this three times today). Written for the Archaeology AU that was created by calerine, where you can see the rest here. I’m so thankful that she allows me to play in her sandbox.

Pompadour Not IncludedCollapse )

Vinyl and Sea Salt

Title Vinyl and Sea Salt
Fandom J&A, Johnny’s WEST, Hey! Say! JUMP
Rating G
Words 1239
Pairings/Characters Kiriyama Akito, Takaki Yuya, Kotaki Nozomu, Nakama Junta, Hamada Takahiro
Warnings Hipsters.
Summary Sometimes it is nice to visit other friends
Notes This is definitely inspired by a recent Jweb of Akito’s, because I am weak and Takaki is definitely a hipster. Written for the Archaeology AU that was created by calerine, where you can see the rest here. I’m so thankful that she allows me to play in her sandbox.

”VinylCollapse )

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

Title Rome Wasn't Built in a Day
Fandom J&A, V6, Hey! Say! JUMP
Rating G
Pairings/Characters Okada Junichi, Inoo Kei
Warnings Un-beta'd.
Summary It's always good to go home
Notes Ugh, ugh, I'm not even sure about it. It's kind of a mess, but I just needed to get this out there. :< Anyway, I'm a edit this section later for reasons, but all the fics. I just, 24 HR TV ruined me and I haven't even watched it yet, but these two! ♥ So, yes, Arch AU. That is what this is in. For calerine & ltgmars

Rome Wasn't Built in a DayCollapse )

Homeless in Manhattan

Title Homeless in Manhattan
Fandom J&A, Johnny's WEST, V6, Kansai Juniors
Rating G
Pairings/Characters Kiriyama Akito, Kotaki Nozomu, Okada Junichi
Warnings Un-beta'd.
Summary Coffee is like a stroll in the park, you never know what or who will happen
Notes So, like, more Archaeology AU. I'm so glad I can play in calerine's sandbox. For a listing of the stories, see the handy dandy index and for the latest story see here(4). Read that one first, I guess? Anyway, dedicated to calerine and ltgmars. ♥ Titles continue to be fucking nonsense. Not my best work, but I hope it is fun~

Homeless in ManhattanCollapse )

For the Love of Unicorns

Title For the Love of Unicorns
Fandom J&A, Sexy Zone, Johnny's WEST
Rating PG
Word 1579
Pairing/Characters Nakajima Kento/Shigeoka Daiki, with appearances from members of Kansai Johnny's Junior, Sexy Zone, Johnny's WEST, NYC
Warnings Nothing to note.
Summary In a world where magical creatures and humans live together, you get an odd few and some odd couples.
Notes Written for aleena_mokoia for je_wakamono. Thanks to my beta, ltgmars for a lovely job, as always! I don't know, I feel like I was paired wrong for this exchange, which is not the fault of my recipient. Or, at least that's how I felt the whole time, so it was difficult to write and ended up being based on an inside joke, although still enjoyable to anyone and everyone. So, yeah. I didn't enjoy my time and totally phoned it in. It's barely over the word count required.

For the Love of UnicornsCollapse )

The Night Shift

Title The Night Shift
Fandom J&A, Arashi
Rating PG
Words 3799
Pairings/Characters Aiba Masaki/Ninomiya Kazunari (Matsumoto Jun/Ninomiya Kazunari side pairing) with appearances from members of NYC, Hey! Say! JUMP, Arashi, Kanjani8, Mizukawa Asami, TOKIO and V6.
Warnings Spiders, brief discussion of car accidents
Summary Memory lane. Everyone has one. Everyone enters the space when they’re alone, even if their situation is a bit odd
Notes Written for kanu_x at ninoexchange. As usual, thank you, ltgmars for being patient with me and being the beta. I couldn't have such a great fic without your help and suggestions.

The Night ShiftCollapse )

Feared Pirate

Title Feared Pirate
Fandom J&A, Johnny's WEST
Rating G
Pairings/Characters Fujii Ryusei
Warnings Un-beta'd.
Summary Feared pirate Ryusei wasn't much of a pirate
Notes Inspired by this outfit. For ltgmars and calerine. :| Don't question it. It is super short. Barely a page.

Feared PirateCollapse )

No Such Luck, But That's Okay

Title No Such Luck, But That's Okay
Fandom J&A, Johnny's WEST, Sexy Zone, Kansai Juniors
Rating G
Words 1558
Pairings/Characters Kiriyama Akito, Kotaki Nozomu, and others
Warnings Un-beta'd.
Summary Pottery reconstruction can lead to a good night.
Notes Remember that super delightful Archaeology AU calerine made that I'm allowed to write in (and maybe end up getting a little to technical when I do). Yeah. So, she wrote more and then the other day I was reconstructing some ceramics and was thinking "this would be perfect for them" and I KIND OF WENT A BIT OVERBOARD. Anyway, this is dedicated to ltgmars and calerine. You can catch her latest piece in this AU here(3), which gives background to what is going on here. Also, I keep giving these dumb names.

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That which falls from trees

Title That which falls from trees
Fandom J&A, Johnny's WEST, Sexy Zone
Rating G
Pairings/Characters Kiriyama Akito, Shigeoka Daiki, Nakajima Kento
Warnings Un-beta'd.
Summary Coffee.
Notes Because calerine has made a super delightful Archaeology AU and I wanted to write her something quick and small. I may expand on this later, idk. Also, I need to stop having the temptation to write Kento into EVERYTHING. Also, the other fic of this AU can be found here(1) and here(2).

That which falls from treesCollapse )



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